Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vapa weekend - part 2 - Grandson 1476

Come Sunday it was an early start across the Pennines to York, quite uneventful this year after last years snow.

This years Lance & Longbow game was Grandson 1476, a Swiss/Burgundian bash, it's been done before, but Bob wanted to try a few more tweak to the Poleaxed rules to better reflect the participants fighting styles. This time round I was Burgundian, and the trundling mass of Swiss is quite intimidating, especially as it crashes into your rather thin line. Gradually, despite the lost of one contingent the battle swung in favour of the Burgundian and by the end we had a minor victory.

The Swiss Adavance Guard

A ponoramic view of the Battlefield using a feature on my new camera (right mouse click and open in a new window or tab to get the full effect)

The burgundian guns very pretty, but not very effective, the pavasis are cardboard

Crunch!! The swiss get stuck in, while the Burgundian cavalry work around their flank

The victorious Burgundians

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Phil Broeders said...

Great looking battle Will.