Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vapa weekend - part 1 - Indian Mutiny

The first part of the weekend saw the Gentlemen Pensioners gathering at Steve's for an Indian Mutiny game in 15mm. The game covered the siege of Delhi and the attempts by the Mutineers to attack the British positions and to prevent the arrival of the siege games.

The British positions

The start of the Mutineers attack, I commanded a mixed force of Badmashies, Ghazis and Pindari Horse in the bottom right and attempted to intercaept the siege train arriving lower left.

Various pots of the game

A fuller blow by blow account can be found over on Wargame Amateur blog.


Archduke Piccolo said...

My, my... Every now and then something appears on someone's blog that just about goes off the scale of my Wow-meter. This is one of those occasions. What a tremendous set up!

Millsy said...

I'll second that Archduke. That's nothing sort of inspirational! Thanks for sharing.