Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Alamein terrain finished

After a second dry-brush, spots of vegetation were added. It was then only a matter of adding the barbed wire that I bought from Ironclad to finish it all off. I must say the new wire is a lot stronger than the car mesh I used to create my previous lengths of wire and I'll certainly be using it in future.

I've added a ruler for those interested in the size of the positions, scale is of course 1/72.


FriendlyFire said...

Beautiful work here, gets me back in the "Desert Rats" mood!

Millsy said...

Great work mate! I especially like the ones that look like the crater from a crashed Tie-fighter ;-).

One thing strikes me as a bit odd which is the deliberate placement of the plants. In real life they would grow more randomly. Keep up the great work.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Really fine - and I'm glad to see that they are indeed 1:72 scale (I thought they were for 1:300), as it does show that these do look good in that size (not all terrain constructs translate well into other scales, I find).

A suggestion, if you will forgive me: you might wanr to add maybe three or four spots of greenery to each stand, just to break up the evenish, formal looking spread. I think that's all it will take to give a more random look...

But I reckon they look pretty damn' good as is!

Fire at Will said...

Millsy, Archduke, good points.

I did try to make the vegetation randon, with it positioned near to stones, etc. but I tended to fill in the gaps, perhaps I should leave a few clear spaces.

In retrospect I should also have added a few small rock outcrops and taller vegetation.