Dervish army - progress review

Having finished the last of the infantry I thought I'd have a quick look at how the Dervish army is shaping up.

Eleven "warband" units and Four skirmish units in total should provide sufficient opposition for now.

So what's left to do
  • Camelry - two units are ready to be painted;
  • Cavalry - starting to sort these out, finding bits and pieces to make up the numbers;
  • Commanders - I've got two stands already planned one on foot the other camels, but I still need another pair; 
  • Artillery - I'd forgotten about these - I could just some Egyptians, but I would prefer something more suitable, I'll have to start looking.


Sander said...

Holy camels batman! Great stuff, love the basing and the feel of an enormous army about to engulf the enemy which just exudes from it!

Cheers Sander

Uwe said...

Oh yes this is an impressing army!
Great groundwork too.