Friday, 6 July 2012

Alamein terrrain - work in progress

Just to show I have made a bit of progress in the rain.

Step one, after cutting MDF to size, sanding the edges, adding thin expanded polystyrene to cover, then cutting out trenches and covering the bases with kitchen towel and PVA.

After a second coat of PVA. I added some texture using PVA and sprinkled them with builders sand.

Careful observers may spot a couple of new aircraft stands in the first picture


João Pedro Peixoto said...

Excellent. You gave me courage for doing the same.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Although it's not a scale I work in as a rule, could you tell is more about these pieces? E.g. design, arrangement of trenches, weapons pits, bunkers comms trenches and what have you. I have made up some foxholes and stuff for a larger scale, but I'm always open to fresh ideas - and these look pretty good!

Monty said...

Looking good!

SoA Shows North said...

Why the kitchen towell stage, Will? What does it add?


Fire at Will said...

Phil, it prevents the Expanded Poly-Styrene breaking up. it's the low density packing sort so it's quite fragile. Serves me right for scavenging from neighbours bins rather than buying high density blue foam (High Density Poly-Urethane).