Friday, 20 July 2012


Total of 12 diffferent AT guns completed, so I can cover most of the desert war. The crews are a mix of HaT plastic and Reiver metals, with a few Revell.

37mm Pak 36, nice Zvezda models I decided against using the dreadfully bendy Hat version.

50mm Pak 38,a solid metal wargaming model by Reiver. A gap in the plastic market here!

76mm Pak 36r, more bendy Hat guns, at least with the larger models it's not so bad, but I've fixed them to the base to help!

Occupying one of the Alamein positions, the smaller possitions are for mortars or MMGs.


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Those look great Will.
Cheers WW

João Pedro Peixoto said...

Everythings looks XXXXX niiiiice!!!

Nick Grant said...

They look fantastic. Beautiful work.