Monday, 30 July 2012

Early war German miscellany

As part of clearing the decks of work in progress, here's a number of early WW2 items just finished. Problem is I'm not happy with the decals, I think I'll have to touch them up with some more grey to hide the sheen.

First off a pair of Italeri panzer I (I know, not 1/76, but lovely models) and Fujimi Panzer 38t's, one converted to a befehlspanzer. All of these came as part of a trade with Tim Gow, thanks.

At the back a Milicast PzKpfw 35R(f) mit 4.7cm and a Matchbox 251/7, the latter built at the same time as the DAK version.


Maverick Collecting said...

Wot? No DAK! I've been enjoying the 'Afrika' posts as my first attempt at an army way back when was 8th/DAK in tune with the series then running in Airfix Magazine (or Military Modelling), but these look good to, there's something very menacing about the early war 'Panzer grey', even if they'd mostly be obsolete within months...where's the T34!

Tim Gow said...

Thought I recognised them! Glad to see you putting them to good use.

Pete. said...

Really like the 4.7cm Panzerjaeger. Nice work.



Dux Homunculorum said...

Nice stuff. I think I have a couple of Fujimi 38ts lying around somewhere if you want them. Drop me a line if so. Cheers, Alan.