Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gauntlet - purchases

The B&B at Gauntlet was the best ever with loads of bits for sale, but not much of interest to me. However I did acquire:
  • An Airfix Crusader - I have sufficient 2pdr versions, but I need another 6pdr version for some of the Monty's battles scenarios;
  • A couple of Airfix matildas - for when I need to reconsider the earlier desert battles;
  • A combined box of Revell SYW Austrian Infantry and Orion Pirates - I tried to resist but it was a bargain;
  • An Airfix Bedouin set - I need the cavalry for my Dervishes and I passed the foot to Richard Baber for head swaps.

1 comment:

Phil Broeders said...

I got a 6mm samurai castle for £5 and some Irregular WW2 germans for £0.

As well as paints and bases.

Not as good a haul as yours, of course!