Friday, 6 July 2012

Gauntlet tomorrow

Only one day to go till our local show for North Wales/Cheshire Gauntlet running all weekend. I you get chance please pop in and join in or just browse the B&B.

Will be sorting out the last few bits and pieces this morning then I'll be setting up tables etc this afternoon.

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Tony said...


Following your comment over on my Blog. I would like to recommend two Brown inks;

The first is a Calli which is waterproof calligraphy ink - you can get a sepia version and a brown version.

The second is FW Acrylic Artists Ink which comes in a huge range of colours.

Both are made by Daler Rowney and are available from artists suppliers.

I regularly use both and can recommend them - the only think to be aware of is that they are very strong pigment inks and so you only need a little - a very little.

I hope that this helps.

Tony (Dampfpanzerwagon)