Monday, 9 July 2012

Gauntlet - Vietnam Route 66

The Saturday game by SOTCW was Route 66 an Vietnam War convoy scenario, where the US players had to get a convoy of supplies to Firebase Crawley. it can be seen at the end of the table.

Visible are the various blinds representing the NVA/VC a few surprises and also blanks.

Once the US players got the knack of the spotting rules, the first non-blank card turned up a trap and a very unlucky roll by the US player resulted in one of their two ACAVs being brewed by a mine resulting in several casualties

The US flanking force hurriedly writing down the strength of a local VC unit (bottom right),hopefully before the casevac arrives. In the background the convoy escorts ran into an ambush in the village (top left).

Clearing the ambushes good progress was made towards the bridge over the river Hwi. A PABR on the river (carefully arranged off picture) dealt with a boat load of NVA heading for the bridge

Easy Rider, the remaining ACAV checks the time before crossing the bridge

Almost a home run, just as Easy Rider reaches Firebase Cawley it is hit by an RPG.

Lots of other events occurred and have been photographed by other participants. See the Land of Counterpane blog.

The rules are a simple derivative of several sets and ideas and will be published in the SOTCW journal in due course along with a write up of the game.


lrqan said...

Hi, saw that game at Gauntlet and would have liked to have spoken with you guys, an impressive table. Had to leave early as had a little one in tow. Thanks for the story.

Sean said...

Looks like a great game. I love that the inside of the buildings are playable. The jungle terrain also looks quite nice. I recognize what looks to be aquarium plants, but where did you get the palm trees and what is the tall grass?

Monty said...

Very nice looking game!

Fire at Will said...

Irgan, see you at the club some Thursday.

Sean, the palm trees came from in the states many years ago when the exchange rate was favourable the tall grass is Astroturf off cuts

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Greyson De Saye said...

Hi This is very Cool to see:) Thank you for posting it. My Son and I enjoy playing 20mm Vietnam. My Cousin won the Medel of Honor fighting in a Battle just like this. A resupply of units at Tay Ninh. He was in the 62 Transpotion Company of the 7th Bat. He killed many VC and Died after a few wounds from a sniper on Aug.25 1968 It's good when we as wargames rember the men and Wargaming helps us know more about them. Because very sadly in this world few seem to Know or Care about why we fight in wars... My son was named after William W. Seay he is do a battle like this soon thanks for the Info. God Bless ya and have more Great Wargames we L ike your post! Dave And William Seay in Va. USA