Saturday, 21 July 2012

On the Workbench - July/August

It must have been a wet month as I've completed my July plan over a week early, so it's time to crack on with the rest of the desert stuff. I'm now going to work on:
  • Dervish Camelry and command, while trying to sort out what to use for the cavalry and artillery
  • The DAK infantry - I need about three Rapid Fire Battalions so about 100 figures.
  • Some more DAK transport - three sdkfz 10s for A/T tows
  • A couple of British radio trucks - hopefully completed quick enough for "The Guild" speed build .
  • A collection of early Panzers, the remainder of the swap with Tim Gow.
  • If time permits, sort out my Italian A/T guns and start on a Matilda Scorpion.

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