Saturday, 24 November 2012

Another trio of castles

Yes, I've sneaked off again, Brixham this time and had the chance to visit another three English Heritage castles. They are quite varied

First was Berry Pommeroy a castle that had been converted into an Elizabethan mansion and is now a crumbling romantic museum complete with ghost stories

The gatehouse and part of the curtain walls still remains, though the moat is filled in.

The older Elizabethan wing still remains, the later one, in the foreground, was plundered for its stone once the castle was disused.

Then onto Totnes, a very early motte and bailey castle just rebuilt in stone.

Finally Dartmouth castle, which has been continuously used up to WW2. It was interesting to note that the early chain used to defend the medieval port was reintroduced in WW2

Nice reconstruction of the Victorian Battery, which included a video showing the loading and firing of them.

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