Sunday, 18 November 2012

As I've been rather slow finishing anything recently I thought I'd post a picture of my work in progress.

So in the various boxes
  • Back left is some DAK equipment, a couple of trucks, and a pair of 75mm Infantry Guns, Plus a Stug IV that will be camouflaged for Europe in due course.
  • Back centre, back right and front right various British Infantry units to fight the French in Egypt, I've added flag poles to suitable figures and made some necessary head swaps so they are ready for painting
  • Front centre - British WW2 Paratroops, guns and their crews, I just need to sort out the 17pdrs.
  • Front left the collection of additional Crusaders, all assembled with stowage added and given a first coat of paint.
  • Extreme back left is a half assembled Ace German 100mm K18 - it's always slow progress with these kits.

1 comment:

Don M said...

Always amazes me the similarity of wargamers work tables....never just on project in the works, is there?

Best of luck getting to everything!