Saturday, 3 November 2012

Loads of goodies

The postie popped by today with two parcels of goodies.

First off was a couple of packets of Zvezda Cossacks that I had swapped for some WW2 American Ardennes Infantry by Revell.  I wasn't sure want I'd do with the Cossacks, but they were likely to be of more use than the Americans. In fact on reflection I realised I could mix the Cossacks in with my Vlad Tepes set to create a more varied force of Transylvanians. I'll find out when I match up the figures.

Then a large box from Model Hobbies, this was an emergency purchase as I needed some extra figures before starting on my British troops for Egypt. The total contents were:
  • Strelets British Artillery (Egypt)
  • Strelets British Cavalry (Egypt)
  • Strelets French Artillery (Egypt)
  • Strelets French Cavalry (Egypt)
  • Strelets Turkish Regular Cavalry - these will provide some Egyptian cavalry for the Sudan
  • Strelets Hungarian Army in Winter Dress - yes, I fancy having a go at some winter warfare and I already have the Russians painted
  • Strelets Italian Army in Winter Dress - ditto
  • Orion Soviet Tankmen & Crew - for bailed out tank crews

Of course the last few were only to make up the order

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Blaxkleric said...

Nothing beats an emergency purchase dropping through the mailbox :-)

Be very interested to see how the Turkish/Egyptian cavalry turn out.