Friday, 9 November 2012

Russian 76mm Infantry Guns

Lots of activity on my workbench, but I've mainly concentrated on getting the Russians finished first, as it makes a change. In fact I did a bit more than just the infantry guns as I had a 47mm AT gun, also from Zvezda, and a few extra figures for my infantry.

The Zvezda guns and crews are really excellent and good value for money. Each comes with two crew so I've added an extra crewman to each. The extra infantry are from Plastic Soldier and will allow me to field my SMG battalion as a normal infantry battalion if needed.

For those interested the Zvezda 47mm is slighly smaller than the PSC model, so I won't be using them together in one unit.


FriendlyFire said...

Wonderful work here! I can never get the colour right on the Russian uniform, but you seem to have done it perfectly!

Keep up the great work!

Paul said...

Lovely Will!

Fire at Will said...

FF, the basic Russian uniform colour I have always used in Humbrol enamel matt 83 Ochre, but all my new figures have a wash of GW Ogren Flesh (or the new equivalent) to give a better tone.

BTW the webbing (other than belts and a few bits) should not be leather but a shade like Vallejo Green-Grey.