Friday, 30 November 2012

Coastal Batteries and other WW2 stuff

During my wanderings around Brixham I cam across a couple of preserved WW2 coastal batteries.

First is the brownstone Battery now in the care of the National Trust, I haven't taken any pictures of the positions, but the information boards give quite a good impression.

The view from one of the searchlight positions covers the entrance to Dartmouth harbour with Dartmouth castle on the opposite shore.

Next was the battery above Brixham, it's maintained by a group of enthuistic volunteers and their museum is well worth a visit, again no pictures as it was a very wet day, but they have an excellent website link

In addition Brixham was the loading point for the 4th US Infantry Division prior to landing at Utah beach

Unfortunately this was the same unit that was involved in exercise Tiger that was caught by S-boots en-route to Slapton sands.

To end a picture from the end of another days coast walk with a recovered Sherman at Torcross on the south end of Slapton sands.

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