Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day out in the Sudan

It was off to Manchester to fight a Sudan game yesterday. It was set in the early part of the period and no British units were involved. The basic scenario was that we (the Dervishes) were besieging an Egyptian outpost while an Egyptian relief column would try to break through to them.

A is quiet at the oasis. but carefully inspection will reveal a Dervish body lurking behind a building pinning the garrison down.

Meanwhile the rest of my beseigers attacked the main column in the hope that I could hold them off until more reinforcements arrived.

Hurrah, the cavalry arrive, and shortly after that my co-commander arrived as well having been held up on the M62.

Pressure being applied to the column Osman Bin Wally can be seen exhorting his Nile Arabs to greater efforts, sadly he was slain leading a determined attack on the Egyptian artillery that allowed the Dervish cavalry and camelry the wipe out an Egyptian infantry regiment. Unfortunately this was our high point

Unfortunately this was our high point as the Hedendowah failed to arrive until too late to make a difference and the garrison was ready to tackle any attempt to oust them.

Overall a great day out. I had thought I'd taken more pictures, but these were all I had, but more will probably appear on Wargame Amateur's blog

Thanks to Steve (umpire), Alistair and David (Egyptians) and Dave (fellow Dervish)


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Good Dusting rules, or Black Powder, or.. ???

Matt said...

Held up on the M62 would make for an interesting Featherstone "Chance Card"!

Millsy said...

There are plenty of historical examples to support the idea of traffic jams as chance cards. Not so sure about camels getting a flat tyre though ;-)

Monty said...

Great game!

CF Raven said...

Hi All-- I am a new member to this site and am posting here for the first time. I have been a wargamer since a kid, over 40 years now, here in the USA. Will--I admire all of the good work you do-- so many of the WWII figures and vehicles and scenarios you work with are echoed in my collection. For example, I love your North Africa postings stuff/Italian armies--I pay a lot of attention to this theater in my wargaming.
I have included an attachment to a U-Tube movie you and your followers may find interesting-- an account of our recent battleboard re-creation of Utah Beach, Normandy, 1944--a major WWII wargame in 1/72nd scale. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks again to Will for running this excellent Blog-- Cheers! CFRaven

CF Raven said...

The Hyperlink doesn't appear to be live in my comment above, but you can copy and paste the address into the URL on your browser. Gives an example of a 1/72nd, WWII Wargame Group "On this side of the pond."

Fire at Will said...

Steve, rules were Sword and Flame, not my favourite, it is too biased against the natives in my opinion. But it's only a game!