Thursday, 1 November 2012

On the workbench - November 2012

Impressive performance last month, everything completed and now it's the run through to Christmas. I've also noted that the stash has been expanding enormously in volume as I've bought a lot of kits. So with that in mind I plan to start work on:

  • A pair of German 75mm Infantry guns for my DAK, one Reiver and the other Zvezda
  • A pair of 76mm Infantry guns for my Russians  both the Zvezda model.
  • A pair of trucks for my DAK, one the Pegasus model bought second hand and the other the old Airfix Blitz
  • Five Crusaders - I've got a couple second hand needing rework, an Airfix one and a pair of the ones from S-model (one box)
  • A British Army for Egypt 1800, I've just placed the order for the Strelets cavalry and artillery 
  • Back to work on my British paratroops, this time it's the guns - 2 x 17pdr; 3 x 6pdr and 2 x 75mm.
  • Plus any other boxes from the stash that take my fancy.


Monty said...

Soy like my situation at the moment; although I remain painfully slow on all fronts :)

Stryker said...

That's a lot work - I'll be waiting with interest to see how you manage it!