Monday, 25 February 2013

Crewe - not much booty, but...

there was someone selling Humbrol acrylics, so a big Hurrah as I was down to the dregs of some favourite colours. Other purchases were equally modest a Zvezda German Medical Team and a discounted Italeri fast build Italian Semovente kit. After the M13/40 made up so quickly I was easily tempted by this in the boxes underneath one of the Modelling Society stands.

It's quite interesting that unlike wargame shows putting surplus models up for sale on the stand is quite common, obviously it avoids paying the B&B fee, but also it means there is someone you trust keeping an eye on the models. Still mustn't grumble too much as the local B&B was reasonably well run unlike some at quite a few wargames shows and I did manage to sell some of my surplus.

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