Wednesday, 24 April 2013

More Napoleonic Russians Urrah!!

After a break while visiting family, etc. I've finally finished the Russian Infantry.

On the left two battalions of the Finlandski Guard Jaeger Regiment, they are mainly Zvezda figures, but the front rank of the second battalion has the last of my second version Springwood figures. On the right a battalion of the Odessa Regiment is dominantly composed of the first version Springwoods, plus a few Esci command figures.

Mustn't complain about visiting family as it also fitted in with a trip to Salute,


Stokie Steve said...

Excellent work Will, really nice looking figures.

Sam Wise said...

very good job !!
and so many figures: you, wargamers, always stun me !

adeptgamer said...

Well done, very nice units. I wish I could get some of my historicals finished up.

Rafael Pardo said...

A great painting job!