Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Salute 2013 - part 2 other games

Onto the other games at the show, I really didn't make an effort as others with more time would capture most of the images of the show. These are just those that caught my eye as I walked around during lulls in the game.

WSS Samurai castle

Oshira Samurai siege

GMG Omaha game using battlegroup Overlord (shame I missed Piers)

The massive Napoleonic Waterloo "game"

More Battlegroup Overlord - "beyond Omaha"

For my own cross reference here's a link to Joe Denver's photos


Piers said...

Dang Will... How'dya miss me? Im in that pic!

airhead said...

Hi Will thanks for posting the pictures, some great looking games, and thanks for the link to Joe's pictures.

Best regards


Fire at Will said...

Piers, don't know how I missed you, it was when I passed the second time and remembered to take a picture of the board!

Stokie Steve said...

That Waterloo display looks amazing!