Salute 21013 part 1- Cravant

With no apologies here's a mass of pictures of the Lance & Longbow game of Cravent 1423 all the figures and terrain from the Collection of Simon Chick (see Harness and Array blog for more details)

A great game on great terrain using Impetus

Simon also created some figures for the river crossing

My French forces managed to hold up the English by the bridge, but our backs were exposed to a potential sally from the defenders of Cravant.


Andy Canham said...

Nice AAR - the game looked fantastic - I guess the figures weren't plastic! Hope Salute was fun.

Giles said...

Will, I can't believe that you were there and I didn't manage to say hello! I did have a word with Simon - the game looked amazing. What immediately struck me was the colour of the terrain - it rreally looked like France in high summer. Inspiring stuff.


Fire at Will said...

Andrew, apparently some of the river crosing figures were plastic and they were easier to convert according to Simon.

Giles, must have missed you during one of my brief forays around the show.