Friday, 5 April 2013

On the workbench - April 2013

It's Napoleonic month, having refought Lutzen 1813, I realised that my Napoleonics need some updating, So if I plan to refight Bautzen I need to add a few bits that are lurking in the stash. To raise the month to a peak I'll be travelling to London for Salute. The plan:

  • Two battalions of Russian Guard Jaegers  (these will be a mix of Zvezda Russians plus a few remaining second version Springwood models)
  • A battalion of Russian line infantry, since it's not part of a formation, suggestions for which regiment to depict would be welcomed (these will dominantly be the first version Springwoods)
  • Generals - I you look closely at the Lutzen pictures you will see that various generals are very tired looking conversions.  So it's sort out the various Italeri/Hat/Zvezda command sets to provide some better looking commanders
  • A little bit more DAK stuff, a couple more Sdkfz 10s and a Sdkfz 221, all from Frontline.
Carried over from last month
  • The pair of Sdkfz 251/3s, these are well underway, but I'm taking my time to get them looking correct
  • Roman transport and commander - I just keep adding the odd bit of paint whenever I remember them.

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Conrad Kinch said...

I'm trying to work out what figures to use for my Napoleonic Russian generals at present. I shall watch your choices with interest.