Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Venice - military sights

The are a couple of sites of interest in Venice for anyone interested in Military History/Militaria

First is the armoury in the Doge's palace, cases full of renaissance arms and armour (no photography permitted) and an exhibition with a number of plans of various fortified towns.

The real gem is the Museo Navale Storico, the Naval History museum, filled with ship models, uniforms, etc. It's only 1.55 Euro to get in a real bargain and my wife enjoyed it as well so I got plenty of time to look at the exhibits.

The entrance has an original Maiale (pig) the two man human torpedo used to attack various anchorages used by the British navy in the Mediterranean.

A couple of nice Galleys

The Doge's barge, burnt by the French when they occupied Venice

Some nice figures, I need to look them up in my reference books

A WW2 Italian landing craft.

The Vitoria Veneto

A far eastern collection includes a Korean Turtle ship

A Thai barge

Outside is an enterance to the Arsenal, shame it's not open to the public as it's still a Military dockyard


SoA Shows North said...

Yep .. I'm with you, Will ... the Venice Naval Museum is well worth a visit (and even for art historians, makes a nice break from Renaissance paintings and sinking buildings ...) ..

Highly recommended


Jiminho said...

Excellent photos, many thanks. This looks to have been a memorable trip.