Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sheffield Triples 2013

For once I was just a normal attendee at the show as for some reason the organiser couldn't fit our game in. Therefore I spent most of my times around the trade stands having a good look at what wa new and discussing forthcoming releases.

Just a few pictures from the show of games that caught my eye.
A "Fun in the sand" Sudan game

The best of the show for me, the Ilkley lads Cerignola 1503

Battlegroup Overlord

Gross Beeren, a nice big Napoleonic game, but the buildings seemed rather odd.

A Peninsula Skirmish

Purchasing was very very modest
  • Four boxes of the Zvezda 2pdrs
  • A Rommel command set from SHQ for my DAK
  • second hand Revell SYW Cavalry and Zvezda French Artillery - they will be useful
Still I great day out and good to meet lots of people


Brian Carrick said...

Looks like it was a great show Will, thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Best wishes, Brian

Uwe said...

Hi Will,

great photos, many thanks. Do you have some close ups from the train?

Something I still miss for my colonial collection.