Thursday, 23 May 2013

Needles Old Battery

I'm currently taking an enforced rest from painting as I crushed my thumb in the car door - idiot!. So here's some pictures of the Needles Old Battery from my recent trip to the Isle of Wight. (link to the National Trust site)

It's a great mix from the Victorian old battery to the new and then the "secret" rocket testing site, despite being bright there was a gale force wind and a possibility that the site would be closed.

Some pictures of the old battery, the entrance across the ditch.

Overview of the battery

The needles lighthouse, the white crests in the mid ground mark the shoal so that ships have to pass in close to the battery

One of the 7 inch Armstrong guns, luckily when they came to the end of their useful life they were just tipped off the cliff instead of being sent off to be smelted down

Finally, an excellent picture of the battery from the sea taken by Steve the Wargamer, thanks Steve.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I've sailed that bit of water and even on a nice day the shoal still looks like that! In fact I think you can see the battery in this one??

I wonder how many of those Armstrong's are still at the bottom of the cliff??

Fire at Will said...

Thanks Steve, I've added the picture for others who might be interested.

All four Armstrongs were recovered, and two of them went to the Royal Armouries

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Cheers Will...

..not surprisingly (I suspect all of the forts were buolt at much the same time) those Armstong's are very popular around Pompey - the forts on top of the hill had them as well, same type I think.... this was just above where I used to live as a kid....

Sean said...

Get well soon.