Wednesday, 1 May 2013

On the workbench - May 2013

I just ran out of time! My French commanders and Roman transport are almost finished, so expect to see them in the next few days.  The Sdkfz 251/3s and other DAK bits are also well underway. The net result is my paint station and surrounding area are looking decidedly empty. So what to do next?

  • More Napoleonic Prussian/Russian Commanders (I got another packet as part of a late birthday present from my daughter)
  • A British Paratroop Polsten gun and crew (picked up the gun from SHQ at Salute)
  • A couple more Ace kits, a Flak 30 and another 75mm Infantry gun
  • Both sets of Hat Crusader transport (these will probably take a while like the Roman transport and I just add odd colours when I remember them)
  • Start sorting out the medievals, I'll probably start with the cavalry.
Oh and 1/3 the way through the year and 568 items painted, so reasonable progress.

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Pete. said...

Good going- and I thought I was pleased with doing over a hundred this month....