Sunday, 23 June 2013

More topping up (WOTR Archers)

A single unit this time, originally there were only six figures, so I've added another ten. The originals were Revell and the new one are Redbox and they go together very well.

At the back is the cornfield to provide an idea of it's height compared to the figures. It measures 15mm high and is approximately waist high, which is correct for traditional wheat (1.2m high) rather than the modern dwarf varieties.


Phil said...

Nice troops, love the colors!

Kev said...

Hi WILL - the Wheat Crop looks great- as does Your Archers- well done. Thankyou for Joining up on my Blog- You are very-very Welcome WILL and I am glad to have you on board. Regards. KEV.

Thomas said...

Nice stuff! I would paint the edges of the wheat fields, so it fits better.

Fire at Will said...

Thomas, good point, but this was a quick picture for Rafa to see the height of the crops, this piece will actually be used for basing.

lee woo said...

Archers are pretty focused. See the link below for more info.