Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Topping up the archers

Part of the work on my medievals involves upsizing units so they can be used with Hail Caesar. For someone coming from WRG 6th/DBx the best frontage is a multiple of 60mm. This allows the use of all the different individual base sizes. I've gone for 120mm as a general rule, although I could upgrade to 180mm for some of my forces. However this leaves some units undersized, for example my HYW English bowmen were organised in units of 12.

So I picked up some cheap 99p Robin Hood figures in Modelzone and attempted to match the figures I painted back in 2008 (link). Here they are as a front rank with the originals behind

For those who like close ups, here's one. I normally don't bother as I can't see them that close anyway. It also demonstrate the tube I have added to these bases so I can add a suitable standard as necessary.

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Clive G said...

ooo, I do like the tube idea. Consider it borrowed*.


* My lawyers have advised me never to use the words stolen or plagiarised in respect to my actions