Monday, 17 June 2013

First Newbury refight

After Phalanx it was time on the Sunday for our tradional Gentlemen Pensioners get together and big game. This year it was First Naseby from the English Civil War. Against my personal preference for parliment I took Prince Rupert with his cavalry on the Royalist left flank.

An overview of the battle

The parlimentarians deploy

The Royalist deployment

The mass cavalry scrum commences

Gradually I force back Stapelton's cavalry as my cavalry have a better melee rating.

On the right the partlimentary cavalry are having fun in the hedgerows

In the centre to clash is limited to an artillery duel

Lunch stop, the ruler marks where we got up to before going to the pub for a Sunday roast

The King (Ian) wonders why I haven't finished off the Parlimentarians, while Essex (Chris) sees a rather nasty threat emerging

Crunch, the three remaing Parlimentary cavalry regiments break simultaneously

Ganging up on the infantry at the end of the Parlimentary line

The pressure tells and the regiment surrenders

By the end of play the battle in the hedgerows continues

A great day and great company.

Rules used 1644 and the 28mm figures used were from Steve's and David's collections amassed over the years, including some of my old minifigs!

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