Saturday, 10 August 2013

Britcon booty and Novarra 1513

Well a successful foray to Britcon today.

Firstly an enjoyable couple of games refighting Novarra 1513 as the Lance & Longbow demonstration/participation game

I think overall the Swiss won on points.

A diversion on the way to Modelzone in Deansgate, meant I topped up on my Humbrol enamel gold and chrome paints at a cheap price

Then the B&B came up trumps, the list of bargains:
  • A pair of matchbox sdkfz 251s
  • Matchbox Humber
  • Matchbox Priest
  • Matchbox Panzer II
  • Matchbox LRDG set
  • Hasegawa Daimler
  • Osprey Colonial American Troops (2)
  • Wargaming WW2 by Stuart Asquith
  • Junot's Invasion of Portugal by Foy
  • Galvez in Lousiana 1776-1783
And all for less than £20 - success!


Fraxinus said...

Crikey bargains galore especially the LRDG & Hasegawa Humber. Superb DAK Command Teams below by the way thanks for providing some inspiration there!

Robert Hingley said...

Congratulations. You really got a good haul for your money.

Red_Cardinal said...

>>And all for less than £20 - success!

What a bargain! I've gone green...:-)

Phil said...

Very nice! Beautiful pics...

Monty said...

Great looking game!