Trading - Wants - August 2013

I'm currently looking for the following as part of a trade, see the Trading Department for more details.

Fujimi Panzerjager I (1)
Fujimi Valentine (1)
Fujimi Sherman 105mm (1)
Hat 1805 French infantry (set 8062)
Hat Wurttemberg Artillery (2 sprues)
Hat German Tank Riders
Imex American Pioneers
Italeri Persian Cavalry (just two chariots)
Matchbox Panzer IIIs
Matchbox Hanomags/Sdkfz 251s
Matchbox Priest (1)
Orion Cossack sets (Mounted or Foot)
Revell SYW Austrians
Strelets GNW Russian Dragoons – dismounted figures and mounted grenadiers
Strelets Norman Cavalry on the march
Strelets Narva to Poltava – any of the “command figures”
Zvezda GNW Russian Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery
Zvezda Russian Napoleonic Heavy Artillery
Zvezda Turkish cavalry

Plus I'll consider anything that might be suitable for the Sudan, North Africa 41-43

Haves are on another post

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