Monday, 26 August 2013

Finishing off the DAK!

Worked through all my lists and my remaining DAK figures to sort out the last infantry "needed " for my DAK and here's the result.

On the left a battery of 28mm squeeze bores sPzB41. The orbats give these as an option for replacing the Pak38s in the Panzer Grenadier battalions. On the right a trio of anti tank rifles PzB39, a nice group of figures from Grubby kitted out in sun helmets so just right for the early period when they were used. At the back are a couple of Flak 38s as these are needed for defensive positions, Zvezda models with head swaps. Also a couple of extra Revell MMGs, always useful and a Matchbox motorcycle combo that I found painted without a crew (strange?).

Finally scattered around are three bailed panzer crew bases, The figures are from Orion and are more suitable for rear areas, but they were available and painted up nicely.


Rafael Pardo said...

Not my era, but they are a nice bunch!

Counterpane said...


Can you remind me what colours you use for your Afrika Korps and 8th Army? I have a few old Airfix infantry from both sets and I'd like to paint them to match yours.