Defence of Oak ridge and Blochers Knoll

Back to Day 1 of Gettysburg at the club on Thursday night with some action on the North-West flank. The scenario came from an old copy of Miniature Wargames #229 by George Anderson.  Plus some input from the Fire & Fury rulebook Gettysburg scenario and WSS #66, the ACW themed issue.

A write up and a few pictures from the confederate viewpoint can be found on Sediments blog.

Some notes on converting the scenario to Black Powder.
  • I normally use 4 bases of 5 figures as a regiment (45mm square) and 66% scaling. But given the scale of the action I had to downsize and use 3 bases and 50% scaling. Rather than converting individual regimental strengths the number of regiments in each brigade was calculated by dividing its strength by 400 with some rounding to ensure the overall totals were correct. This makes it a lot easier for players to handle.
  • My armies were originally organised for Fire and Fury, so command stands were in short supply, but I used this to advantage with brigades alternating between those with flags (command stands) and those without.  It made spotting brigades easier.
  • Batteries were represented by a single base with a marker added to indicate those with 6 guns, instead of the normal 4.  in hindsight it would have been better to add a couple of extra Union 4 gun batteries and reduce the confusion.  Guns with my newer basing were rifles and the older smooth bores.
  • Smoothbore batteries were rated 3/2/1 and rifles 2/2/2 and adjusted to 5/3/1 and 3/3/3 for 6 gun batteries.  Their maximum ranges were increased to 80" (40" at 50% scaling) to fit with the scenario.
Overall thoughts
  • Scenario was too ambitious for a single evening, but another hour would have seen a clear conclusion
  • Three base units work well on a grand tactical level.  Firing is particularly easy as each base gets one dice so splitting fire between targets is simple, similarly the ara of fire and clear view of target.
  • 50% scaling is clumsy, something using base widths would be easier

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