Monday, 26 August 2013

Burgundian Crossbowmen

A couple of crossbow units, the first as usual in white/blue livery coats and the other in red coats with a red cross to represent a unit from Savoy. Figues are the lovely Strelets Medieval crossbowmen set, which has four sprues of 14 different poses, which gives a lot of variety. To make up the numbers I added a couple of Redbox figures.

At the back an old favourite, Sheriff of Nottingham archers, just enough to round out an old unit for use with Hail Caesar. The figures themselves were found in the famous box.


Cameronian said...

Just looking at them over on Benno's site. That's a really nice army you have there sir. The RedBox figures surprised me when I used them, certainly didn't expect a decent outcome! Well done indeed.

Sean said...

I do like those Strelets Crossbow. I also really like your banner system, I had forgotten about it.

adeptgamer said...

Very nice units! Would hate to be on the receiving end of them : /