Thursday, 8 August 2013

DAK command teams

Quite a mix of figures were used to provide these command teams. From left to right the are a Battle group HQ (6 figs); an artillery regiment HQ (4 figs), then three artillery battalion HQs (2 figs each) In front a couple of extra OP teams (2 figs each).

At the back a couple of spare figures and a Pair of Britannia sdkfz 10/4s to provide some AA cover.

Figures by various plastic manufacturers, SHQ and Kelly's Heroes (Grubby)


peter said...

Great work on these command stands Will! What did you use for the maps?


Monty said...

These look great - nice one!

FriendlyFire said...

Fantastic work. I've never really thought of making little "shade-tents" for my commanders.


João Peixoto said...

Great imagination! those tents are something and made me remember my old days at camping with parents.But if you base the vehicles with trailers you have to do the same to others...

Chris Kemp said...

Lovely little vignettes Will, you've nailed the look perfectly.

It is particularly nice to see groups of officers in their natural habitat ... standing over maps, looking lost; waving, pointing etc :O)

Kind regards, Chris.

Will McNally said...

Thanks for the complenents guys, it took a while to find enough suitable figures

Peter, the maps are just hand drawn in pencil