Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DAK Motorcycle combos

These are the Zvezda German motorcycles I bought at Phalanx, just a few head swaps and a a suitable paint job means I have some more Motorcycle combos for my DAK. I would have bought more of the Italeri ones, but they seem to have vanished and the Zvezda option is cheaper. At the back is a second hand combo, Hasegawa I think plus a spare Italeri passenger

Oh, and at the back is another Airfix Sdkfz 222, again second hand and only kept/painted as one of the scenarios in Monty's desert battles need four!

And a little extra, the Zvezda Soviet medical team, which was in the bag of figures when I retrieved it from the dishwasher. Quite nice as a bit of eye-candy, but my camera refused to focus on it until I stuck it out in bright sunshine.


Andrew Canham said...

Nice looking DAK figures, so iconic of the early war Germans.

I have similar problems with focussing on drab coloured figures, I think the spot meter on the autofocus cameras needs to find well defined edges - I bet the camera loved focussing on the Russian's base as it's got some good contrast and textures.



FriendlyFire said...

Wonderful work as always Will.

Question, since you seem to know a lot about WW2 Italians in Africa: Do you think that those Zvezda bikes could work as Italian bikes, simply by swapping the drivers heads with Italian ones? You seem to be one of the most experienced gamers around here and I thought you would have an idea on it.


peter said...

Will are these the Art of Tactic motorcycles? The Russians are of them.
Italeri has also a nice set of motorcycles:
Great paintwork Will!