Sunday, 18 August 2013

Italian Motorcyle combo

This comment on my blog took a while to answer as it posed an interesting question about Italian Motorcycle combinations.
"Question, since you seem to know a lot about WW2 Italians in Africa: Do you think that those Zvezda bikes could work as Italian bikes, simply by swapping the drivers heads with Italian ones? You seem to be one of the most experienced gamers around here and I thought you would have an idea on it. Thanks! FF

I had planned to get a Skytrex motorcycle Trike combination for my Italians, but given friendly Fire's query I checked the Rapid Fire book and saw it showed a combination, but on the other side to the German one.

I raised the question with Simon R, who's the best expert I know on WW2 Italians. His thoughts were:
"Will, The Motociclo Alce, tended to mount the side car on the LHS, so did the Tipo Sport, another common combination in use at the time, saying that I have images of the Gilera Marte with a side car on the LHS and the RHS! They all carried the Breada 30 LMG. What I have never seen is a Bersagliari combination in North Africa, I'd be more inclined to have a MC with the LMG mounted on the cross bars, or use a " Mototricicli" or " Motocarro", the 3 wheel trike type bikes which are very Italian."

Eventually I managed to find one on the web, looks great fun and matbe not too difficult a conversion.


João Peixoto said...

Great post. Thanks.

FriendlyFire said...

Wow, much better than a simple reply! Thanks a million Will, this helps a lot, (and say thanks to Simon R for me).