Friday, 2 August 2013

On the workbench - August 2013

After the disruptions of July with Gauntlet preparation and holidays it's time to get my painting back on track. Although I intend to continue working on my medievals I've decided to try and finish off the remaining DAK as well. So currently planned is:
  • Burgundian dismounted men at arms (1 unit of 16)
  • Burgundian archers (2 units)
  • Burgundian pikemen (1 unit)
  • Burgundian crossbowmen (2 units)
  • Various DAK command teams
  • An additional pair of 105mm guns
  • a pair of sdkfz 10/4 to provide some more AA.
  • Motorcycle combos to allow earlier period games
  • Strelets Crusader transport (they're beginning to get in the way)
  • and looking back the polsten gun must be somewhere

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