Sunday, 2 October 2016

Derby show 2016

Another great day out in Derby and thanks to Andy for the lift, driving back in the rain wasn't much fun. For a change I was helping out on the Pike & Shot Society stand and I ended up a bit hoarse as I'd been talking all day.

Now for the pictures of game and modelling that tempted me, Double click the images to get bigger versions.

TFL Viva Ras Begus - Rich was on fine form demo'ing Sharp Practice

WW2 Eastern Front game

Rorkes Drift with plenty of Zulus, and at least as many again still had to be brought on the table

Thirty Years War - battle of Rain, 1632, I must get around to sorting my TYW armies out and using then again.

Seige of Athlone 1691(again) but the river looks greener, but it might be the lighting in the Derby shed.

Battle of Carabobo 1821 The final battle of the South American Wars of Independence

The Ilkley Lads: Lobositz 1756 - just super

Battle of Hastings 1066. Another one of the "Like a Stomewall" big games

A low key Battlegroup Tobruk

First of two Mexican Revolution games

The second

Back to winter with a retreat from Moscow game.

I can't resist a bargain, my haul from the show. The big box of medievals was a fiver!


Norm said...

Thanks, would love to have been there.

KEV. said...

Thanks- certainly a good deal of spectacular looking games.

George Wyllie said...

Excellent displays there and a very juicy haul too!

painterman said...

Great selection of pics - I spy Dave Marshall (possibly inspecting his own terrain work?)