Thursday, 20 April 2017

Russian village buildings

Completed both packs of Pendraken/Minibits (Red Vectors) Russian village buildings(link). Unlike some MDF kits there is no need to sand parts to get them to fit. The roofs like most MDF kits are the weak point so I added planking to most of them and some thatch to the others. As I dislike the raised edges on bases I tried trimming them with a sharp knife and was surprised how easy it cut. I'll be doing this with all my MDF in future.

Most buildings are based on 60mm x 120mm so they are compatible with my modular buildings, and I think they will see action in a number of games, not just those set in Eastern Europe.


Andrew Canham said...

They look nice. Might have to invest in some of them myself.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Lovely. Almost as nice as those cardboard ones I got from some bloke in Chester.