Saturday, 1 April 2017

On the Workbench - April 2017

A rather pathetic start to the year with only 267 items painted in the first quarter and a lot of half finished items on the workbench. So this month I need to finish off all the bits and then get started on the big project of rebasing my Thirty Years war figures. I'm also off to play at Crisis Point in Sheffield next weekend. Here's the status:

  • 12 x German trucks - half are almost assembled - I've worked out the best way of getting double the number of vehicles out of each PSC kit)
  • 3 x A9 cruisers for the desert - just need decals and finished off by dry brushing
  • 3 x A9 cruisers for the BEF - I decided to use the MIG Jimenez Khaki Green as the contrasting colour to my Humbrol dark green, I can then use it on some old vehicles to provide some BEF transport.
  • 22 x French mounted musketeers - almost at the basing stage
  • 2 x Romanian 100mm howitzers - just assembled
  • 10 x Russian Village buildings picked up at WMMS - part assembled, most will be used as Russian, but I intend to modify some stable buildings to look more Central European

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painterman said...

267 items Will...crickey, thats a really good YEAR for me!!