Sunday, 23 April 2017

German Maultiers - WIP

A picture for those who want to see how I doubled up the number of trucks from the PSC medium trucks set. I found it easiest to do this with the Maultier version by just gluing two thick length of sprue to connect the cab to the rear tracks. A couple of spare wheels from the bits box with a sprue axle completes the running gear. The back of the cab is almost hidden by the high cargo bay sides so a simple piece of plasticard cut to size was sufficient. The cargo bed is another sheet of plasticard scribed every 2mm to look like planking.

The driver and his mate were chopped apart and allocated to individual vehicles.


Marcin Sowa said...

Great idea! I have just opened my box and started to think what to do with remaining parts.

João Peixoto said...

Nice work. With so many surplus parts some PSC models can be doubled you just have the right idea. As you had.

Chris Kemp said...

Doing it properly with plasticard - that's cheating, Will :-)

The 20mm kits look even nicer than the 15mm ones.

The kit is very good value though isn't it?

Regards, Chris