Monday, 10 April 2017

Pictures from Crisis Point 2017

My pictures from the weekends gaming near Sheffield. The general situation was in mid 1918 the Russian Revolution was in full swing and the newly independent state of Andrevia was beset by enemies on all sides and also subject to internal politics.

My Saturday morning was spent playing a game of Pulp Alley where my band of thieves attempted to steal an ancient fez from the Andrevian museum of antiquities. In the afternoon and all Sunday I commanded Woosterforce a British intervention force in the region attempting to thwart the ambitions of the Central Powers and Bolshevik Russians

The eastern front (Wooster force would appear on the road on the left hand side and advance north.

The Turkish/Russian trench lines, the Russians have departed leaving a Andrevian force holding the line.

The Black Sea coast

Tchebavan, the capital of Andrevia.

The museum of antiquities

The Andrevian Mafia in a bit of bother in the central room caught in the crossfire between the Andrevian police (left room) and my thieves (right room)

Having the initiative was marked by wearing the pith helmet

A good fun game with interesting mechanics

Arab gun runners

Turks starting their assault on the Andrevian trenches

Woosterforce arriving with the Australian Light Horse scouting ahead and spotting some Andrevian cavalry

After being stopped at an Andrevian check point the patrol cars head back to report to Brigadier Wooster, however a random event sends one car across the desert towards the nearest "enemy" a Russian unit that has appeared (on the railway behind the hill).

Turkish numbers are beginning to tell

Russians negotiating with the Andrevians observed by the British.

German ships appear on the black Sea coast and duel with an Andrevian armoured train causing problems for the Arabs.

A submarine appears to be stuck up river!

Wossterforce reforming for the night in a small Andrevian town. The local Andrevian commander is invited to breakfast with Brigdier Betram Wooster by his batman Jeeves, while a message is awaited from the capital allowing Woosterforce to continue (Of course it would have done so, whatever the result, but it's always better to keep the locals quiet) The Andrevians were introduced to the delights of kedgeree, which is now known locally as "Wooster-rice"

Germans recovering the submarine

With the morning a large force of Turks arrived to the rear of Woosterforce, necessitating a rapid redeployment, Fortunately the Turkish Armoured car strayed into the line of sight of the Indian screw gun. the first hit stunned the crew and the second penetrated and destroyed the vehicle.

The patrol cars found themselves magnets for enemy fire, one (pictured) was taken out by a Turkish field gun and the other was hit by an Arab mortar. The later had fired a strange gas shell, which induced panic and the patrol car routed off the table.
By the end of Sunday Woosterforce was well on the way to defeating the Turks and clearing the road to Tchebevan, but the action had been too hectic to keep track of what was happening on the other tables.

More details over on Sediment's blog (link)
Overall a great weekend


Richard Phillips said...

Great report Will, interesting to see what going on over in the Tuzkhur Valley.
Cheers, Richard P

Richard Phillips said...

PS The British in Tcherbevan were well on their way to protecting the Capital from the Russian hordes. A couple more turns would have seen the British secure Tcherbevan. It seems Andreivia is becoming part of the Empire ;-)

Cheers, Richard P

Conrad Kinch said...

That looks like tremendous fun - how many players?

Andrew Canham said...

Thanks for posting Will. Great to know more about the British and Empire forces on the eastern table, I was too wrapped up in landing the Germans on the coast. Nice photos too.

About 11 players in total I think.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Great report Will!

Yes we were 11. I'd planned for about 16 originally but we had a larger than normal number of drop-outs over the last few weeks and I didn't have the energy to do a complete redesign. It worked OK though.