Thursday, 6 April 2017

French Musketeers without D'Artagnan

Not the best of figures, these are the two set of mounted French Musketeers from Mars. I mixed the contents of both sets to give two units, on the left the King's Musketeers and on the right the Cardinal's.

There are two personalty figures. Cardinal Richelieu is obvious, the other is just a generic 3/4 armoured officer. The Cardinal had a strange hole in his back, which may have been intended for a plug-in cloak. I modelled one on using blu-tack and superglue to harden it.

In the background are some Russian buildings I am working on.


Springinsfeld said...

They might be slightly ropy figures, but they painted up well.

Phil said...

Nice colors and nice paintjob!

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Mars can give some unexpected results with an appropriate paintjob, as in this case. Very nice!