SOGGy day in Clevedon (2)

Looking out the window of the glider I could see our target in the Moonlight, the bridge over the Orne canal. It all looked quiet.

Moments later our three gliders landed and we stormed into the defences on the east side of the bridge only losing a couple of men in the process.

While most of the force dealt with the defenders one glider load charged straight across the bridge to take out the defenders holding an emplacement and the cafe.

Our biggest problem was these marders, whcih kept out of range, until by an oversight they moved in range and bang one was lost and the other rapidly fled the scene for a couple of moves

Here comes the cavalry, Shermans of the 13/18th Hussars supported by a M10. Just slightly further behind were the commandoes

Eliminating the german armour while a typhoon provides overwatch, the commandoes can be seen at the bottom
Sorry about the fuzzy couple of pictures


Andy said...

Looks like a fun game!

Paul´s Bods said...

One of those shermans drove over a red stop light!!! :-)
Nice looking little set up...I like the swim floats on the shermans

Sigmar said...

The Pegasus bridge section is exactly like the film - a Bridge Too Far, I think (?)

Nice layout. Something I don't get to try in my line of gaming is the concept of re-fighting an actual historical moment to see if the outcome is any different.

I like your blog, I'll be back. Thanks for posting ans sharing,

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