Camel Corps

Here are my last two colonial units from this painting spree. On the left the Egyptians and on the right the British. All are HaT figures except a few from Waterloo 1815 used to make up the numbers.

Each unit consists of six figures and can be deployed mounted or dismounted.


Paul´s Bods said...

They Look really good...I´m getting more colonials after my tester with the british field gun..great period.

Rafael Pardo said...

I love these camles!
Myself did made a conversion showing the french in Egypt, using the Hat figures.
See them at
Best regards

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'm with Rafa - nice work indeed - what rules will you use for the Sudan, Will??

Doc Smith said...

Great looking Camel Corps Will. Really well painted and presented. I remember as a youngster collecting hordes of Arabs just for those charging on camels - my favourites. HaT are certainly coming out with a good range giving the collector a lot more options for doing Sudan outside of 25mm metal. Very nice work.


GEM Team said...

Someday I will venture into some colonials. These look good

Fire at Will said...

Steve, no decision yet, I may try Black Powder, but I would prefer something less generic.


Vinnie said...


Love your camel corps and other colonial figures. I started on plastics but was then introduced to metals. But you are right there are more and more great plastics set coming out every month and the majority of the figures are just as good if not better then many of the metal ranges...great blog too.