On the Workbench - December 2010

The end of the year is rapidly approaching so this month will be mainly catching up with various odd and ends and finishing the last of the haul from Crewe (WW2 French vehicles). Also time will be limited as Christmas activities take over.
  • Complete the US vehicles (the M8 Greyhounds and 2 x M20). I got slightly put off by how the MG mounting could be firmly fixed in place, so I haven't started them yet.
  • Complete the British and Egyptian camel units. By contrast these are virtually finished and should appear in the next couple of days.
  • SYW Hanoverian Artillery - something of an impulse paint as I spotted the uniforms while checking for something else.
  • WW2 French Vehicles (AMD80 armoured car, Laffy V15T 4x4 truck, 2 x French Renault R35, Somua S35 and a Renault D2##)
  • War of Spanish Sucession Bavarian Prinz Philip Carabiniers

## The Renault D2 will not be painted by me but will be done as part of a buddy build over on the Guild. I have to work on a Mercenary Landrover in exchange

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