Derby - the booty

Quite a haul this year

Mostly from the B&B. All the vehicle and walls came from the Early war Miniatures mis-cast box, so I'll have some fun repairing them. So I have

  • French 13.2mm AA - a much needed bit of light AA support for Battlegroup Blitzkreig
  • German Henschel 33 Pioneerkraftwagen - just what I "need" for my engineers
  • German Steyr 1500 truck - no plan yet
  • Italian Breda 40 truck - no plan yet
  • Italian Saharina x2 to boost the rest of my Italian Reece
  • Italian TL37 tractor - more tows for my Italians
  • Italian TL37 truck - may become a gun truck
  • French Light Infantry Command - will fill a few gaps in my Legere
  • Spanish Command - A couple of battalions of Spanish to "support" my British
  • Spanish Line Infantry - ditto
  • US Infantry (Winter Uniform) - a bargain and what I needed to complete my Bulge Americans
  • Austrian Infantry Late XVII Century - a trial pack to see how they turn out
  • German Panzer IV - another bargain - these will also see action in the Bulge
  • French Cuirassiers - replacements for my old Airfix Cuirassiers that have seen better days
  • Polish Lifeguard Uhlans - Undecided whether to replace my old Les Higgins figures or just paint them as Polish Line Lancers
  • German HQ in winter uniform - useful for either Stalingrad or Bulge
  • Osprey Black Ops - needed for some games at the club
  • Charlie Wissencraft's Practical Wargaming - certainly one of the best early wargaming books and One I don't have.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Pretty decent sort of a haul there!

Conrad Kinch said...

Black Ops is tip top and those Zvesda figures are excellent.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A good haul there !

West Riding Wargamer said...

A very good haul - hopefully making the trip worthwhile.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

All fab kit. It's stuff you'll use and all high quality gear.