Pictures from Derby Worlds 2017

Along with two others from Deeside Defenders I drove across to the new venue south of Lutterworth. It may have been warmer and less noisy than the old venue, but it was far more cramped. Plus it's a lot further to drive so if it's held there next year I won't go.

However it had a selection of inspiring games and a large selection of traders. The pictures reflect those than interested me.

Madanu 616BC, waiting to start

Buford's cavalry at Gettysburg

Quintin's new "Napoleonic" skirmish rules

Boondock Sayntes French & Indian wars all washed down with the traditional glasses of wine!

Blood and plunder

Another Gettysburg game

Russian Civil War fought beneath the walls of Bukhara

Massed Napoleonics

The Ilkley lads superb Italian Wars game

Port Arthur 1905, the Russian fleet, a single japanese ship can just be seen at the top.


Stuart S said...

I agree the lighting was far better but it did feel very cramped when compared to the previous venue and the likes of Newark and Reading. The traders I spoke to had far narrower pitches which did not help with the availability of stock on the day.
I am sure there will be some amendments for next year.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Some wonderful games on display there though. How was attendance? Any children or teenagers (as new blood) that you noticed?

Best Regards,


Fire at Will said...

Stokes, regretably not many young folk, I suspect that the difficulty of getting to the venue deterred many casual and family visitors